sheldon 21 va

i fuck with pottery

Rescidencial Alto Padrão X

Reading Nook Decor

kate upton and jennifer lawrence nakeys on.

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i ended up alone the way i like it, just having a baby mama to be cooped up with would make this perfect. i’m makin me a steak though in the kitchen watchin sportscenter.

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Anonymous said: You actually like being in relationships? Why?


i love sharing myself with someone because im so great and ill bring the greatness out of you if you allow me to, but half the time these lil niggas aint bout shit so why waste my time.

waitin on someone like her to cross me.

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when that day comes it’ll be forever and it wont be tarnished by foolishness, only tested to be overcome and conquered between two.. kiss that girl every day. listen to her, make her your favorite song, appetite.. crave that girl. taste that girl, trust that girl.. be careful but not hesitant to love that girl.

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Rescidencial Alto Padrão X

Baby me

see man wtf😍💍