lamar 21 virginia

lil bibby verse on low would be my nextel ringtone if this was 2005.

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Anonymous said: What would a girl have to do to change that?

commit to me touch me alot and fuckin be ok with my terrible texting skills. like just call me god damn im’a take you anywhere you wanna see. ol complainin ass girls.

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eatin popeyes coolin.

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popeyes lunch my nigga.

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how in the fuck are people still eating mcdonalds..

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Anonymous said: whos ya girl

you know well now i, thug em, fuck em, love em, leave em, cause i don’t fuckin need em. me give my heart to a woman?
not for nothin, it’ll never happen.
i’ll be forever mackin.

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if jupiter was earths moon..
chicago team remind me of hardball
10 straight, gang.

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